Right Body for You Facilitator Training

Welcome to Right Body for You Facilitator Training!

Ready to step up to your life?

Right Body for You Facilitator Training helps you to build and strengthen that muscle of listening to bodies, listening to the infinite being, acknowledging what you perceive about energy, your talent with changing and addressing energy whether someone is in front or you or far away.

It’s not just about facilitating classes it’s also about facilitating your life.

What if the thing you judge about your body makes you a great facilitator of bodies?

In this Facilitator training you’ll explore:

• Facilitating bodies over the phone or video

• Working one on one with someone and their body verbally while working with all bodies in class

• Information regarding the RBFY class topics

• Moving energy during classes

• What YOU know about bodies & energy & consciousness

• Questions and Tools to use to Create Classes


Be a Certified Facilitator 


2 - Right Body For You 2.5 day Workshop


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This Right Body for You Facilitator Training is all about empowering you to let go of the rightness of your point of view and to facilitate from the place of question, choice, possibility and contribution.

Right Body For You Facilitator Training

Do you have a gift and talent for bodies?
Would you like to share the fun and gift that bodies could be?
This brand new two part Right Body For You Facilitator Training will focus on tools to be able to facilitate RBFY classes.

ONLINE via Zoom.
Part 1: 4th June 10am - 1pm Mountain.
Your time: https://timeanddate.com/s/3uqk
Part 2: 18th June 10am - 1pm Mountain.
Your time: https://timeanddate.com/s/3v9y

PAY HERE: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=4E8R8SVB7YBFL

PREREQUISITE for this training: 1 x Bars.

This online training includes:
- Questions and tools to use to create a class
- Questions and tools to use to facilitate a class
- Examples of what may come up in a RBFY class

What do you know about bodies that you haven’t acknowledged? Are you ready to join in the movement of assisting people to enjoy their bodies?

For more information about the classes and workshops you can facilitate after completing this workshop please visit: https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/micrositesfolder/rightbodyforyou/facilitators/how-to-become-a-facilitator/