Creation of Living

Is it time to truly live?

From bodies to business to wealth to creation to hedonism, joy, pragmatics, and more… LIVING is a dynamic, ever-unfolding expression of being alive with every day, every moment, every choice.

This class takes you beyond the mediocre into phenomenally different daily living that most people are not willing to have. Are you?


The Foundation Class


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Welcome to an adventure of elegance, creation, and receiving!

This class is 2.5 days of life-changing living!

Join us for a dance of hedonism, a play of elegance, a deep dive into creating a LIVING that makes you sing.

This unique class invites your body, your senses, your business, and all of you to play in conversations, experiences, and life changing adventures in Mumbai.

Bring your business, your desire for more, your lust for living.... and let's create!