The Joy of Food - Telecall

What is food really?

Does it sustain the body?  Is it a necessity?  Do we die if we don't have it?  Do we sometimes kill our body with it?

The majority of people either love food, hate food or are indifferent to food. Rarely does anyone have joy and peace with food.
The media tells you that food will make you fat and then kill you.
Most Doctors tell you that they have the answer ready packaged for you and millions of others.
No one shows you that you are far more potent than you have ever imagined and that it is your point of view that creates your reality. Even with food and your body!
What if you didn’t have to suffer the food and body lies of this reality?
What do you know about your body that nobody else does?
In this class we will use the incredible tools of Access Consciousness to change reality with food and your body as you know it.
The key to change is your awareness and choice, not the right food.
Is it time you discovered what is true for you and your body? 





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