Megan Hill

Megan Hill

Megan Hill

I've been using and living these amazing tools for more than seven years. I truly thrive on stirring the pot on what you've decided is possible ... or impossible! I love facilitating, inspiring and being a catalyst for change. 

For over four years, I've had the honor of working with Access Consciousness as part of the Access Dazzle. Creating with consciousness has truly been a gift beyond words.

Because of everything I've become aware throughout this amazing adventure so far, I can no longer pretend to be pathetic. I can no longer deny the vastness of my being. The magic is undeniable. Miracles are an every day occurance.  I have the gift of every moment. Living is FUN!

Access has literally given me the tools and the awareness to change EVERY area of my life...and every day is greater than the last.

What if a happy planet is possible? What if you are the key to creating it?

What if the purpose of life is to have fun? What if you're not as fucked up as you think you are? 

Let's play!

One of my favorite questions is if you only had today to live...what would you choose? 

If you have any questions about what's changed for me, what's possible for you or about Access Consciousness, please connect with me! 

I've been a Certified Facilitator for 4 years. I offer private sessions, facilitate classes and travel the world playing with this weird and wacky stuff!

My Classes include: 
Certified Facilitator: includes Access Core Classes; BARS, Foundation and Level 1 

Body Process Facilitator: includes Energetic Facelift and 100+ other body processes

Specialty Classes include: Ask and You Shall Receive: Creating Abundance with Ease, Choosing to Live, Pregnancy and Birthing with Ease, Creating Greater Possibilities with Social Media

As someone who is very new to the processes of access consciousness, but very aware of the energy of my realities, I was completely blown away (in the most positive sense) by the gifts of Megan Hill. I have done several verbal processing sessions, as well as one hands on body process session, with Megan. Her ability to hon in on an issue, ask just the right question and move that energy ""never to return again"" is nothing short of phenomenal. I have worked multidimensionally with my own clients for the last 15 year and have personally had every type of energy work know to me, but none has compared to the amount of change available through sessions with Megan Hill. Beyond access consciousness, I believe that Megan was born to create real change in human consciousness. Access Consciousness is her tool and she uses it beautifully for all who are open to real change in their lives. Make your appointment. You won't be disappointed! 
~Suzy Miller, Author & Creator of ""Awesomism""

""I recently completed a BARS class with Megan and I know I have gained extremely valuable life tools that will help accelerate the progression on my life path. Megan helped all of the students in our class open our minds to the endless possibilities that life has to offer. She clearly has a wealth of knowledge and she exudes passion about sharing her knowledge with others. She teaches in a way that speaks to each individual in the class, and includes hand on practice so that you can walk away feeling confident about using the techniques. I loved how Megan gave examples of how she has used Access tools in her personal life. Her examples show how quickly positive results can occur from using Access. During the class Megan felt drawn to work on my feet. It was interesting that her intuition brought her there because I have been on holistic pills for restless leg syndrome for years, and in the 2 weeks since the class I have had no trouble with my legs, and I have not taken any pills! The possibilities truly are endless…""
-Ashley (Chicago, IL)

Thank you so much for the Bars class with you a short time ago. I loved it. Everything about
the experience was wonderful. The hospitality offered to Diane and me sparkled. The experience
of running the Bars came so easily with your leading and instruction.... no pressure. Part of the 'Ease, Joy, and Glory..."" shining through your teaching atmosphere and attitude. Thank you for that. I certainly appreciate it. You are a wonderful being and teacher.
-Michael (Chicago, IL)

I wanted to tell you how excited I am by your class. It is awesome. I just broke through a weight barrier that I have been trying to get below for 6 months. I would get close then gain 2 lbs. Then I would get close and then gain. Over and over. But I just busted through it. How does it get any better than this??????
Pattie (Prairie Village, KS)

Over the last 30 years both Linda and I have experienced virtually every body therapy modality available on earth. We can both honestly tell you that our BARS Session helped facilitate a most dramatic, positive and lasting shift in our sense of well being, far exceeding any other modality that we have tried! We are both so thoroughly impressed with this therapy that we are both going to be trained and will be offering it to our clients, family and friends!
D & L (Kansas City, MO)

I can honestly tell you that our BARS class was everything I thought it would be plus a whole lot more!.....although I love giving and receiving BARS, the workbook, after many reads, is almost worth the price of the class!Thank you for hanging in there with us, for your patience and for your willingness to share your wisdom with us.....
Dave (Kansas City, MO)

What is Pregnancy & Birthing With Ease? 
In 2011, I chose to embark on an a new adventure: having a baby. All I can say is WOW...what a ride. I used the Access tools and philosophies throughout the entire journey and I was literally downloaded with so much awareness around what ELSE is truly possible in the either/or universe of pregnancy and birthing....What if we could create an entire generation of babies that are birthed into this world without judgement? Are you aware of how much judgement exists within the birthing world?

What if there wasn't a right or wrong way to have a baby? What if you weren't terminally ""wrong"" as a parent for what you chose during pregnancy and labor? What if your child isn't emotionally scarred like people said they could be from a ""traumatic"" birth? Does any of that feel lighter to you? Contact me for facilitation/coaching/resources with regards to pregnancy and birthing or to join me for a new coaching and classes on ""Pregnancy and Birthing with Ease"" TM"

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Welcome to my new profile on the NEWLY launched Access Website! I'm so excited you've found me here and really looking forward to connecting with you soon! What else is possible?!?!

“When you make a demand, have a desire, from a question...all you have to do is choose. You don’t have to know how it’s going to show up. The universe’s job is the how.”

- Dr. Dain Heer


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Clase de las Barras de Access®

Las Barras de Access son el núcleo principal y la base de Access Consciousness. Pueden ser el punto de inicio de una gran aventura y pueden ser algo que añadas a tu vida que te ayudará a crear mayor facilidad con todo. Las Barras son 32 barras de energía que van a través y alrededor de la cabeza y que conectan diferentes aspectos de tu vida. Tocas una Barra y comienzas a limpiar la energía bloqueada en esa área o aspecto de tu vida, tan solo por tocarla.

El Fundamento

Esta clase elimina el fundamento de limitación desde el que has pensado que tienes que vivir, ¡como si no hubiera otra elección!. Es facilitada por Facilitadores Certificados en todo el mundo y es una intensa exploración de cuatro días acerca de qué más es posible. ¡Con esta clase te darás cuenta del fundamento de consciencia que aún no has estado usando en tu vida!