Shannon O'Hara

Shannon O'Hara

Shannon O'Hara

If you trust you, you never have to prove, justify or explain it to anyone! Now what's it going to take to TRUST you for real? Can you imagin how radicaly that would change you life?

I find the greatest joy in facilatating for greter awarenss, greater possibilty and change.

I am Shannon and I have been involved with Access since the very beginning. Gary D is my amazing step-father and it has been my great fortune to have been exposed to Access since Day 1.

Access and Gary have been a huge gift in my life and I love being able to be that gift for others.

Shall we create our lives or live the ones we are given?

Shall we create the world or live in the one that is happening around us?

What would you be like today, if you were empowered to be you from the day you were born? Would you choose to be that person today even if others judged you for it and even if it scared you?

My vision of the world is one where people are empowered, choosing, living, enjoying, caring for them selves and the planet, allowing others to be who they are and knowing and trusting in the

greatness, abundance and joy of the infinite universe.

My vision of the world is one where people don’t judge but rather question. Where the beauty of or planet is treasured and steward, rather then raped and used.

A world were we choose to be consciousness rather then pretend that we don’t know.

A world where seeing and true depth of knowing is practised and exercised.

A world where we recognize and embrace our interconnection with one another rather then live behind barrios of separate.

What choice can you make today that will create a greater world right away?

You matter, you count, you have more power then you probably want to recognize. If you recognized it, everything would have to change! Is now the time?

What do you know that you have been pretending not to know and denying that you know that if you knew it would change not just your life but those around you?

What is your vision?

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How does it get better then this?

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What I love about the tools of Access Consciousness!!! Tool #1 - who does this belong to? 💕 What I love about the tools of #AccessConsciousness !!! There is so much i love about the tools of access the list goes on and on! The tools have changed my life so dynamically for the better and lighter I can’t wait for share my love for this amazing resource with all of you. Each week I am going to be releasing a new video with a new tool that I LOVE! Have fun, check them out and see what you can change in your life with these simple and profoundly dynamic tools. To watch more of these videos subscribe to my youtube channel!

“What choice can you make today that will create your life right away?”

- Shannon O'Hara


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